Happy Feet Programs

All of our classes are tons of fun! Music, choreography and technical skills are all age appropriate. We strive to enhance student’s coordination, confidence and social interaction. We acknowledge that all students are unique in their own way with different challenges and capabilities. We encourage all students to do the best that they can do and praise their own, individual accomplishments. We never judge or compare student’s abilities to one another.

We offer a comprehensive dance education program. Our program allows students to have options in what and how often they study. We offer three different programs, to accommodate all students, based on their age and commitment level.

Tippy Toe Program (Ages 2-6):

Our Tippy Toe Program is so much fun! The main focus of the Tippy Toe Program is to enhance students’ gross motor development, while instilling a love of dance. Read more...

Tiny Tots:
30 minute class for 2 year olds (introduces pre-ballet technique)

Creative Dance I:
45 minute class for 3 year olds (introduces basic ballet technique, also introduces tap halfway through the year)

Creative Dance II:
45 minute class for 4 year olds (half tap, half ballet)

Kinder Kids:
1 hour long class designed for the Kindergarten student. Students are able to develop a solid foundation for dance. They study Tap and Ballet the first half of the year. The second half of the year, they study Tap and Jazz.


Happy Feet Program (Ages 6-18):

“Fun, Fitness and Friends!” The objective of the Happy Feet Program is for students to have fun and become more physically active. Read more...


Fancy Feet Program (Ages 6-18):

This is a more intense program in which students take a minimum of 2 classes per week, including a Ballet class. Read more...

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